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From OCT 07, our International Task Force follows and monitors all developments, while accompanying, supporting and representing families of hostages in their complex journey.

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The international task force is a dedicated humanitarian group of experts who come together to provide aid, representing the interests of the families of hostages. With an optimistic outlook and a pragmatic approach, we work tirelessly to open the doors for new initiatives. With no political or financial interests, we remain committed to our mission to close deals, stop the military operation, release the hostages.


Adv. Emmanuel Altit


Niv Adi

Prof. Nago Humbert

Providing Solutions
In a Complex Situation

The Task Force activities include:

  • International Representation

  • Strategic relations with leaders and negotiators.  

  • Direct connection to humanitarian organizations

  • International Legal Support

  • Mental and Emotional Support (through enspire NGO)

  • Communication & Media Interventions


Adv. Yuval Kaplinsky

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Biancha Franchi

Vivi Ukrainsky

International partners & negotiators 

We are in constant contact with international experts and negotiators. We honor the wishes of those who desire to remain anonymous and ensure that the work we do has a positive and lasting impact.

Contact the TASK FORCE

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Adv. Emmanuel Altit

International Lawyer Emmanuel Altit, Principal Counsel at the International Criminal Court,who initiated and participated in multiple releases of hostages in different countries, including that of soldier Gilad Shalit.

There is a lot to do beyond what is being done at the moment.

To find a way out of the hostages drama, we must change our perspective and analyze the situation from the hostages families’ point of view. This will make it possible to propose different, realistic courses of action, and depart from the dilemma that the Israeli authorities are trying to resolve. A horrible dilemma indeed. What is more urgent? To continue with the military operation aimed to save Israel, or to rescue the hostages? However, there is room for optimism. To resolve the aforementioned dilemma, we should keep in mind that there are two points of view: that of the hostages’ families, for whom this is an essential aspect, and that of the Israeli authorities, which are conducting a war on several fronts and for which the hostages’ release is but one aspect of many in this war. In other words, while the interests of the Israeli authorities and the interests of the hostages’ families are synchronized most of the time, they may go in different directions depending on the circumstances. Understanding that the government and the hostages’ families have different interests is highly important. To emphasize the interests of the families and make the voices of the hostages be heard, the hostages’ mothers – the “Moms” – must conduct themselves in the political area. This is their way of making an impact on government decisions, demand a detailed report from the Israeli authorities and be provided with accurate, up-to-date information. Having a political influence means ensuring that the hostages remain at the top of the government’s concerns. To make an impact in the political arena, an organized and structured body is necessary. MForce One is the structure established in order to get accurate information and clear commitments from the government. While playing a role on the local level through MForce One, the mothers become interlocutors of other players, regional and international. MForce One aims to conduct a dialogue with all stakeholders without exception, in order to determine the best options for the hostages’ release. MForce One strives to suggest courses of action it considers the most optimal, regardless of the official position of the authorities of any country. We must understand that in practice, the situation is much more complex than how it is presented by various players, while each player – the Israeli authorities, the political and military wing of Hamas, the mediators, etc. – has an interest to pretend as if they control the situation. The reality is completely different. It seems that the hostages were kidnapped by different groups, which are not necessarily identified with Hamas. Some of these groups may have sold hostages to other groups, while others may request money or guarantees in exchange for the hostages. Communication breakdown between the Hamas units leads to more interlocutors being involved. Under these conditions, while the potential proposals of the Israeli authorities, such as an exchange of hostages for prisoners serving their sentence in Israel, may draw the attention of certain Hamas leaders, do not interest other groups holding the hostages. This is why all options must be examined without any presumptions. Not only that it is extremely important, but critical to hear out those who hold the hostages (and who are not part of the “official” circle of negotiation). MForce One can help hear them out, and that is our main goal.



Represent hostages and their families with

commitment, expertise and professionalism. 
Open and enable International channels of communication serving that mission.  


The voice of the mothers and families with

creative International campaigns.


Keep strong relationships with local and  international organisations and people in the spaces of defense, diplomacy, media.


Act and react as needed, offer our vision and pragmatic approach.


Provide International legal consulting, communication training and emotional support. 


Israel’s war on Gaza must ‘absolutely’ stop in exchange for the hostages. The ‘heavy price’ Israel might pay for their release but states the first priority should be to bring back the Israeli hostages. Israel will never be able to free the hostages through military operations. ‘We can free one or two,’ but we'll lose a lot of soldiers along the way.’

תמיר פרדו_edited.jpg

Tamir Pardo
Former Mossad Director,
Israel’s intelligence agency.


Niv Adi

Creator and social impact entrepreneur. Founder at eNSPIRE, the women impact non-profit organization. Former head of strategic affairs at the Israeli Ministry of Defense in Europe.

Without the Mothers, the hostages would not have been represented by anyone.

The mother’s strength is embodied in the fact that they understand that nothing decisive can be achieved and no satisfactory solution can be reached without them. They are the driving force behind all positive dynamics. They realized that they cannot rely on anyone but themselves, and that when they are organized as a structured group – they can stand for their goal and the means to achieve it. For the families of the hostages taken into captivity on October 7, the confrontation with the official networks established by the Israeli authorities is a traumatic experience in itself. The dramatic event that took place of October 7 highlighted the failure of the defense establishment and the government. The populations were abandoned. As a result, men, women and children were brutally murdered, while many others were taken into captivity. The aftermath of October 7 indicated that releasing the hostages is not at the top of the government’s priorities. This is also indicated by the fact that the government’s plans are not based on morality and humanitarian emergency. The decision to execute an operation aimed to “erase” and “destroy” Hamas – without necessarily knowing how – is a waste of time and life on the part of the Israeli population and on the part of the Palestinian population as well. There is nothing worse for the hostages and their mothers. Supporting MomForce.One means helping to make the hostages’ mothers be heard. It also provides them with the means to demand accountability from those responsible for the greatest failure in the history of the State of Israel. Last but not least, it also means making efforts towards the possibility of paving new ways. In Israeli society, in which most men are also soldiers, in which 18-year-old boys and girls are conscripted for mandatory service, and in which you see millions of flags with the slogan “Together We Will Win,” talking about a male or female hostage, even if there are 129 hostages, has become a subtle matter. Seeing the media fully align with the military narrative without doubting it or raising questions is something that is very embarrassing for us, the liberals, and for the hostages’ mothers, and it is cruel and violent. As to this matter, the mothers are the only ones who have no other interest but to be reunited with their kidnapped children. Without them and without their efforts, the hostages would not have been represented by anyone. The structure of the patriotic, uncompromising, militant and masculine Israeli society is also its weakness and fragility. Israeli women have already changed history at least once with the Four Mothers anti-war protest movement that led to the unilateral withdrawal of Israeli forces from Lebanon.

Through relationships  established,
the Task Force open doors and maintain the possibility
of a dialogue by creating conditions for a discourse
outside of any ideological framework 


The Mom Force campaign is made to bring to the front not only the pain of the mothers, but mostly their power to make a change. Join us as Influencers, Partners, Sponsors, Media owners and Networks In Israel, Europe, US.


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Prof. Nago Humbert 

A pediatric palliative care specialist, Head of the Humanitarian Health and Ethics Observatory, Switzerland, and founder of Doctors of the World, Switzerland. Well-familiar with the practical side of things due to having worked with the Red Crescent Society and the World Health Organization in Gaza and the West Bank for five years.

We truly believe that there will be a “day after” and when it comes – it will be critical for the future of the people on both sides.

In the short term, our activities are aimed to promote ceasefire and advance the hostages’ release, while in the long term – we truly think and believe that there will be a “day after,” and when it comes – it will be critical for the future of the people on both sides. We support the families of the hostages on both a social and psychological levels, and we keep parallel channels of communication open to advance the hostages’ release. Sharing this dramatic historical situation and proposing solutions, while supporting families and mothers in these difficult times, also opens up a humanistic field of vision. Indeed, a true maternal civil power serves as a bridge that allows us to start seeing the suffering of others, and also allows to move forward towards finding common areas for understanding and cooperation. Due to my experience in pediatric palliative care, I realized that the suffering of a mother who loses her child is universal, whether the mother is Israeli, Palestinian, Swiss, French, African or Canadian. There are no good or bad victims, but victims only. When a disease kills a child because we don’t have the medical means to provide treatment, we feel sad and helpless, but when a human being is the one who causes the death of a child, we feel complicit in the crime, because such death can be prevented. As someone who chaired the 2nd Israeli-Palestinian Healthcare Conference in 1995 in Jerusalem, I believe that the last ones to talk to each other and create bridges will be those who provide treatment, which is why I agreed to accept the invitation of Niv, Emmanuel and Yuval.


Adv. Yuval Kaplinsky

Former Head of International Affairs at the State Attorney’s Office at the Ministry of Justice (Israel).

All means must be considered in order to release the hostages. First of all, stop the military operation.

It is clear that the hostages’ case was not in the government’s war plans. In his first statements, the Prime Minister of Israel has not even mentioned the hostages. The intensive and professional activity of movements supporting the hostages’ families made it possible to put the issue at the top of the agenda of public opinion. However, in reality, this issue was never the government’s top priority, which was given to the destruction of Hamas. This is our time to intervene, since it is clear to us that under these conditions, the release of the hostages cannot be considered a realistic goal of the military operation which is characterized by its strategic ambiguity as well. After many weeks, the hostages’ families are finally speaking out loud about the fact that the military operation directly threatens the hostages. Those who returned from Gaza keep talking about fear and about a threat not only from terrorists, but also from the actions and bombings of the IDF. The government must do everything possible, and first of all, they should stop the bombings that put the hostages themselves in danger, while killing civilians and creating a humanitarian crisis in Gaza, which ruins the chances to reach an agreement regarding the hostages’ release. It is clear that without significant pressure on the governement, noting will happen. Now after almost 150 days in captivity, Is there a real intention to reach an agreement?


We need your Support

  • Help us act immediately for the release of the hostages. Help us change priorities.

  • Help us spread the message in Israel and worldwide. 

  • Help us amplify the voices of mothers.




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